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Friday, April 24, 2020

Best email finder and scraper tool

Best email finder and scraper tool

What is is the Google Chrome extension and web application that helps you create a list of targeted leads at the top of LinkedIn's searches and profiles. With, you can find all your potential-(prospect’s) emails and save them to lists. In a matter of seconds, you can find the email addresses and launch your Email Expectations project.

How does work / What you'll be able to do?

Chrome extensions are integrated with your LinkedIn user interface. After installing it, you'll notice three new buttons added to your LinkedIn pages - The "Find Email" button on LinkedIn Leeds enables you to search for an email, starting with the expected profile page. And save profile information in one of your scrap lists -The "Export Results" button on LinkedIn search pages, it searches the email addresses of profiles returned to your search results and saves it in addition to profile information in downloadable Excel and CSV spreadsheets or scrap lists - search results for group members in the same way as "export members" Export button.

Best email finder and scraper tool

Domain Search:-

Domain Search is an advanced search feature. This allows you to search employees 'emails from their companies' websites. The Domain Search Chrome feature relies on domain search services that update our database of millions of emails every day.

Best email finder and scraper tool

LinkedIn Email Finder:-

Email Finder integrates smartly with your LinkedIn account and lets you search for emails from LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn Search. The process of withdrawing email from LinkedIn is fast and reliable. You can search for emails in a matter of seconds and tunnel them to your online directory.

Learn more about email searchers at

Bulk email finder for LinkedIn search results.

Are you continually browsing Linkedin searches to find leads for your business? Integrating there email finder with LinkedIn searches makes it even easier for you. With Email Finder you can now search for emails directly from LinkedIn Search and save all the data in your Dashboard.

Best email finder and scraper tool

Leads Directory:-

They are web application helps you collect the names of your top names (names, emails, titles, organizations, LinkedIn URLs) in lists and export them to your CRM, ESP, file storage services, or Excel and CSV spreadsheets.

Your data is stored forever. You Can Access Your Contact Information Anytime and Anywhere.

Starting to work with takes only a few steps:-
  • First of all, Install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store (Here) or our website:
  • Then, create a account, this takes a few seconds and can be done with your Google or Linkedin credentials.
  • Finally, start building your targeted email lists to connect with people that matter to your business. ensures that you have more:

 ✔ Accurate information
 ✔ Productivity
 ✔ Business opportunities
 ✔ Time

Join right now and get 150 free email credits.

How much does cost?

There are multiple levels of scrap value based on the emails you want to find from LinkedIn.

It’s free to use for 150 emails a month. However, you can get 1,000 emails every month for $39/monthly; 5,000 emails every month for $69/monthly; 10,000 emails every month for $119/monthly; 20,000 emails every month for $149/monthly.
My opinion:-
What do you like best?

- Ease of use : It is pretty easy to use the
- User Interface : The user Interface is very clear and Good.
- Lead Generation : The lead generation tasks are simplified with At once click, leads can be generated out of linkedin from the entire page.
- Free : The provides 100 leads with emails per month. After 150 emails, it can be used for free in getting the leads without emails
- Duplicate Removal : is very good in removing the duplicates and giving out only valid leads.

What do you dislike?

The things I dislike about are...
  • It generates only the business emails. Primary emails are not possibly grabbed by
  • The business emails gathered by the are not so accurate. sometimes the accuracy levels down-reduce to around 20%
Recommendations to others considering the product:

It is a great tool for lead generation. Easy to use and easy to save different kinds of leads at one place. it is also possible to categorize the leads using We can even remove the duplicates and find bulk emails of specific websites. So I do recommend this software to use. But if you are going to rely on the contact details like personnel emails etc, of the leads, then I would say you to find some other software as this is not very reliable for personal emails.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
  • I could be able to generate leads all at one place.
  • I can export the saved leads from in excel or CSV which is great.
  • I can remove the duplicate entries in one click through itself.

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