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Monday, April 20, 2020

Free Linkedin Email Finder LeadIQ I Capture Leads at will - that's LeadIQ for you

Free Linkedin Email Finder LeadIQ

Note: In 2021 Is Not Free

LeadIQ does exactly right what you think (but aims to do more). You will not only find verified emails but also cell phone numbers (to bypass gatekeepers). With LeadIQ, you'll find data on businesses related to your prospects while giving you a way to identify duplicate leads and contacts.

You will be able to view existing accounts and opportunities as your Browse LinkedIn. Create new leads, contacts, and drag your accounts into your CRM.

Also, add the possibility to cadence and sequences from the web.

LeadIQ Features:

LeadiQ has two main features. The first is quick access to possible details and data capture from a website in just a few clicks. The data is sent directly to your linked CRM, which gives you the usual wasted time on manual data entry.

Second is a website application that helps you store and organize your captive prospects in a focused campaign that you can use to drive specific offers. An example of this would be the possibility of wholesale environmental food buyers in Chicago. This will give you a mailing list or call list to promote the ketchup off your brand.

Take a look:
  • Lead Capture
  • Data Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Lead Management
LeadIQ Best Features:

It's as simple as click and capture but with it comes the greed of capturing everyone. This neat technology keeps you focused on the campaign feature, but it also lets you upload data directly to your CRM (no manual errors!) And keep your data clean with fake leads and contact alerts.
Truth be told, for people like us, clean, relevant data is the grill.


If you sign up, you will receive an impressive offer to use 100 leads (credits) for free on your 7-day trial. After that, you can either go to sunset or sign up for one of their two packages.

A Leadiq single subscription gives you access to their content and gives up to 300 prospects and 30 premium credits for $ 60 a month - individual expectations are high enough for the researcher.

Or, to make your life easier, a LEEDIQ team package that offers unlimited potential campaigns, 100 premium credits and a very useful array of software integrations (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.). The amount of package expense the team expects is scalable and therefore you should talk to one of their support (their word, not mine!) To find out more.

Here's why customers love Leadiq:

- Automatically export leads to Google Sheets, Salesforce, or any CSV.
- Linkedin supports Basic, Sales Navigator or Premium.
- Browse AngelCity profiles, LinkedIn search results and AngelList to find leads.
- Search for an email address, job or personal.
- Real-time email verification.
- No verification, no charge.
- Reduce bounce. *
- Share top leads with your team and get higher email volumes per month.

My opinion -
LeadIQ - Great personal contact information in anticipation of amazing integration with LinkedIn.
Overall: LeadIQ is great. I picked it up when I was having issues getting the correct contact information for people I was researching on LinkedIn. Now, LinkedIn has a "Search / View" button below the "Messages" button that links directly to LeadIQ and pulls all relevant contact data for that person so I can

Professionals: - Phone numbers for contacts / decision makers - Direct lines and emails - Great integration with LinkedIn when you expect to get their contact information quickly

Cons: Data integrity can sometimes hurt or be missed.

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